Easter Celebrations With Our Community

Easter celebrations were again very different this year however the team at the Angel & Crown found themselves keeping busy as always. Spending Easter Sunday providing a roast Lamb and chocolate goodies for some of the most vulnerable members of the community.

Through the now well known ‘grab and go’ service and in partnership with the newly formed Shepherd’s Star, Nick again made his commitment to the local community clear by providing a roast Lamb dinner. Whilst the friends of Shepherd’s Star provided chocolate presents for 35 vulnerable guests who currently find themselves either sleeping on the streets or some who [fortunately] have been housed through the governments recent ‘Everyone in’ scheme.

The weather was as glorious as the roast lamb, which was prepared and cooked by the landlord himself.

It was a true day of reflection as Everyone came together in a now normalised ‘social distanced’ manner and when asked to comment Nick told us “Easter is a special time of year, not only because of its religious importance but because it is about family and togetherness.”

“When you consider the year we have all had, that togetherness is more important than ever now. I am in a fortunate enough position to offer that togetherness and that is what I enjoy doing.”

This is the latest in a number of community events hosted by the Angel & Crown, who during the first lockdown provided hot meals every day to the communities most vulnerable and in subsequent lockdowns have continued to provide services when needed – including a Christmas Day lunch.

The pub and its team have a good relationship with a number of local charities and this latest initiative was hosted in partnership with Shepherd’s Star. Speaking on the day Desiree Shepherd, founder of Shepherd’s Star stated her joy of being a part of the event.

“Its a privilege to all come together with the pub at the heart of the community. Seeing this community alignment just makes me realise how much I am looking forward to being able to sit at a table and appreciate the importance of the person in front of you. Whoever we are and where ever we are in life, we are all friends.”

And sitting round a table with friends may not be too far away for many… As the weather improves and the latest restrictions begin to be eased most of us are in dire need of some pub therapy! We therefore couldn’t avoid the inevitable question of when will the Angel reopen?

Nick has confirmed that the pub will remain closed beyond April the 12th. Explaining the pubs circumstances Nick said ” The pub has a very small outside offering which is further restricted by the need to social distance. My desire is to reopen the pub as soon as possible but at the moment it isn’t viable. We are reviewing the situation each week and as soon as it is both safe and viable to do so, the Angel will reopen.”

So whilst the doors of the Angel & Crown remain temporarily closed, their arms to the community remain firmly open.

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